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Computer Seraph

Computer Seraph Consulting and Web Site Hosting

Specializing in the Needs of Churches

You bought that computer for a reason--now why won't it do what you want it to? Is there a way to do it? And what will you do when you find another task for it?

Computer Seraph exists to help churches, businesses, and individuals answer these questions, and others. Our services center on helping you make decisions about information management with computer systems so that they will serve you well for a good long time. You may need training, or a needs assessment, or a workshop, or a Web site: Computer Seraph can provide them all.

Among computer consultants, Computer Seraph is remarkable for its understanding of religious institutions and their information requirements. The Seraph's primary mission is to support the ministry of local churches with capable and affordable consulting, support, and Web site hosting.

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What's New?

This site has had a major redesign, and old plans are now a reality! The redesign also allows quicker creation of new resources. In particular, we're planning a full reference for our Web Hosting clients on-line. Stay tuned!

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