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Computer Seraph
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Consulting Services

Computer Purchase and Installation Services:

  • Interview of church staff and lay leaders to determine needs.
  • Research of available systems.
  • Preparation of proposals for review and acceptance by church leaders.
  • Physical installation of purchased hardware.
  • Installation of purchased software and configuration of network (as needed).
  • Formatting of mailing lists, financial records, or other forms.
  • Training and data transfer as required (see below).

Data Transfer Services:

These services can be useful to churches which have purchased a new computer, and have information on an older machine which they would not like to re-enter.

  • Formatting of records in new system.
  • Translation of records into new format.
  • Training of computer user(s) in new system and format.

Training Services:

Computer Seraph can provide one-on-one instruction or classes.

  • On-site instruction of user(s) in the church's own specific computer tools.
  • General classes in computer concepts. May be off-site.
  • Classes may be developed for attendance from several churches.
  • Instruction available in particular areas:
    • Newsletter design and production
    • Bulletin design and production
    • Mailing list design and maintenance
    • Computerized accounting
    • Networking
    • Computer resources

Connectivity Services:

  • Research, purchasing, installation and configuration of Local Area Networks.
  • Research, installation, and configuration of Internet connections.
  • HTML programming for World Wide Web pages.
  • World Wide Web Hosting.

Support Services:

Continuing aid for addressing emerging questions or problems.

  • On-site support available.
  • Telephone support available.
  • Email support available.

Rates for Services:

  • Consulting services including individual training: $35.00 per hour.
  • On-site services: reimbursement of mileage.
  • Class instruction arrangements are negotiable.
  • Special arrangements and service contracts are available.

Contact Information

Computer Seraph
Eric Anderson, Principal Consultant
5 Brainerd Dr.
Portland, CT 06480-1517
Voice and Fax: (860) 342-1155

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