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Eric Sven Anderson

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Eric Sven Anderson
Ordained Minister of the United Church of Christ
Interim Pastor
Seymour Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Seymour, Connecticut
Other Service
Computer consultant to churches as Computer Seraph Consulting
Consultant to Congregations through the Connecticut Conference, UCC
Acting Editor of CONNtact, the newspaper of the Connecticut Conference, UCC
Participant in the New Haven Lectionary Bible Study Group
Folk singer with Paul Bryant-Smith as Boys in Hats
Member of the Board of Directors, Connecticut Conference, UCC, 1993-1997
Chair of the Conference Design Team, 1994-1995
A.B., Cornell University, 1985
M. Div., Andover Newton Theological School, 1988
Clinical Pastoral Education Basic Certificate, 1987
Interim Ministry Network Basic Education, 1997
Prior Service
Interim Pastor, Oxford United Church of Christ, Oxford, Connecticut 1995-1997
Interim Pastor, First Congregational Church, UCC, Meriden, Connecticut 1993-1995
Pastor, First Congregational Church, UCC, Mechanic Falls, Maine 1988-1992
Pastor, Oxford Congregational Church, UCC, Oxford, Maine 1988-1992
"I am a repuntant sinner."

About Eric Anderson

What can I say about myself, given that I'm a generally modest guy, who believes in the value of humility? What on earth does an introvert do with such an extroverted medium as a Web page?

Just a few things: I sing, and play guitar, and am working on playing the fiddle. I wear hats, generally something in the fedora style. I like playing with computers, and hate playing with Windows 98. I tell awful puns. At some point, nearly anything will strike me as funny, which earns me some funny looks. I have a lot of friends, which says more about their ability to tolerate eccentricity than about my own worth. I have yet to find anything the least bit satisfying about mowing the lawn.

The most important thing to say about myself, however, is that my faith in the Triune God is what gets me through the day. My Creator has given me skills and abilities which I am most grateful to exercise. My Savior has given me the promise of a new life when this one is done. And the Spirit guides me, encourages me, and comforts me along the way.

God bless you!

On-line writings by Eric S. Anderson:

By Evelyn Eddy and Eric Anderson: My Sister Can't See Me

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