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Welcome to the Anderson and Eddy Home Page

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Eric S. Anderson and E. Evelyn Eddy are ordained ministers of the United Church of Christ living and working in the Connecticut Conference. These pages describe some of our work, and include a blatant advertisement for Eric's small business (and why not, since the business hosts these pages?).

This site contains:

What's New?
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Computer Seraph Consulting

This is the blatant advertisement!
If your church is looking for knowledgeable assistance for your computer needs at reasonable rates, call Computer Seraph at (860) 342-1155.
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Interim Ministry Network
About Eric Anderson

The New Haven Area Lectionary Bible Study Group
About Evelyn Eddy
Our Beloved Children
Boys in Hats
Boys in Hats

Rebekah Update

Right now it contains updates about our daughter Rebekah.

We would appreciate all your prayers. Follow the link above to find out more.

My Sister Can't See Me

How a little boy came to terms with his sister's cancer.

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