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Our Children

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Brendan and RebekahThis is Brendan and Rebekah as the ring bearer and flower girl at our cousins Michelle and Steve's wedding in June, 1998.


Brendan Wyman Anderson was born on October 18, 1992, in Lewiston, Maine. Which makes him six years old (gasp!). He is an active, intelligent, and fun little boy, and we're very proud of him.

Brendan has been growing into a much more mature boy. He's a kindergartender at Stanley T. Williams School, although Mom and Dad aren't always prepared for having a son this big. He is a great fan of Fisher-Price's Great Adventure toys, particularly the Castle and Pirates. He loves stories, and we are near completion of reading C. S. Lewis' great Narnia series to him. He loves making pictures, and they all have a story with them: he frequently puts several of them together, has us staple them, and dictates the text for his books.

Brendan studies karate at the Chinese Kempo Academy in Northford, CT, where he earned his yellow belt on February 10, 1999. Hurray!

Brendan loves wearing costumes, and Halloween is near his favorite holiday of the year (Christmas does edge it out). He did a wonderful job as ring bearer for his cousin's wedding, in part because he got to wear a great costume, of course. He seems to be a good friend to his companions, and he is a very good big brother to his sister.


Brendan has a high opinion of his sister Rebekah, and has ever since her birth on August 1, 1995 in New Haven, Connecticut. Her blond hair and blue eyes aren't quite so geared toward trouble, but she is a very independent little person who really doesn't want much help from anybody. She is a very happy girl and always has been, with a smile to cheer the hardest heart and a laugh to fill the world with joy.

Rebekah isn't the storyteller her brother is, but she's getting there. Her vocabulary and diction frequently mislead people about her age--but she's all three. She can be boisterously happy, which is frequently dangerous, and she can be very upset if she isn't constantly in a parent's arms--and it better be the right parent!

Bekah's favorite toys are her baby dolls, who tend to be named after the person who gave it to her. Thus "Baby Emily" is named for Em, "Baby Cynthia" for Cynthia, and "Squeaky Baby" for her grandmother (Well, it doesn't completely follow). She is their "Bekah-Mommy," and usually a very attentive mother. She will frequently know precisely where Emily is as the rest of us tear the house apart!

Bekah also likes her light box (a toy for visually impaired children), stories (especially Winnie-the-Pooh), fist-sized toys (Fisher-Price's Play Family people and animals), and wrestling with her brother. She hates having her hair cut, or her will thwarted.

Rebekah's page describes her struggle with retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye. That page will be frequently updated on her progress and condition.

But as no person is an illness, Rebekah is more than a struggle. She reminds us every time she finds something to get into that she is herself and always will be. She and Brendan are great friends and great contestants for the current toy of choice (whatever that may be at the moment). We are looking forward to their love and life for many years to come.

This picture is from the fall of 1996, so it isn't as current of the children; Evelyn, however, is still this beautiful. [Click here to see the family!]Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

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