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Yes, at last, a genuine links page. Whoopee!

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The Eddy/Anderson Home Page

Church Links

The Connecticut Conference
The place to go for things Connecticut UCC. The Webmaster is a good friend of mine, Matt McCaffrey.
United Church of Christ Home Page
The place to go for things UCC!
UCC Prayer Chapel
The Prayer Chapel is a great idea. People all over the world will know your name and pray for you.
Maine Conference
We used to work in Maine. The Webmaster here is a friend, too: Andy White.
National Council of the Churches
Jerry Alan Smith
Jerry is a friend and colleague.
ABC-USA Mission Center Online
Meriden First Church
Eric used to work here!
UCC Statement of Faith
Something to believe in.
A unique faith community. Check it out!
The Jesus Homepage
This is just fun, though it has a point, too. A good diversion that can even make you think.
Guide to Early Church Documents
Resources for Biblical Studies
Net Ministries Home Page
Christianity Live News!
A Web rendition of Ecumenical News International's daily summaries.
Lectionary Texts for Reference and Reflection
Christus Rex
The Art Connection



What can I say? I like to play sometimes...

Ambrosia's home page
These people put out some amazing stuff, including:
Escape Velocity
Realmz Page
Another remarkable game.
The Realmz Page

Want to know why Macintosh? This is the place to go!
Claris Corporation Home Page
The source of my primary word processor, graphics creation software, database, presentation software and email client.
Now Software
The source of my calendar and contact manager.
Apple Computer
Well, it had to be here, didn't it?
The Complete Conflict Compendium
I know we say nothing ever goes wrong with Macs, but when software collides, this is a good place to start looking.
Free assistance for Mac users via email!
Pastor G's Joint
I don't know this fellow, but he has produced a nice site, filled with Macintosh and religious links. Take a look!
AT&T WorldNet
Made with Macintosh
There's a whale of a list of Web sites made with Macintosh equipment or the OS here, for those of you who don't think anyone uses them any more...
A good place to download shareware. Just don't forget to pay the registration fee!
Little-Known Titles
The Macintosh Resource Page
Macintosh Internet Watering Hole
Mac OS Software and Hardware Guide
PC/Mac Connection
Our World
Where this site actually lives.
APS Home Page


When your lives are filled with medical concerns, you tend to have a list of medical links...

The Massachusetts General Hospital WWW Server
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
Northeast Proton Therapy Center Home Page
NCI/PDQ Patient Statement: Retinoblastoma - Updated 06/96


Can you tell we spend some time with Public Radio?

A Prairie Home Companion¨
Public Radio International
WSHU-FM Home Page
NPR Online
WPKN Radio Home Page
Welcome to PBS ONLINE¨!
Okay, so the last two were public TV. Sorry.


Model Railroader Magazine
The Shore Line Trolley Museum Page
Danbury Railway Museum
www.rrhistorical.com Home
Cyberspace World Railroad Home Page

Southern Connecticut

New Haven Register
Journal Inquirer Home Page
WFSB:Main Menu
Fox 61 WTIC Hartford
WTNH-8 Television On-Line
Peter Indorf, Inc.
The Webmaster here is, well shucks, me!
Rosa DeLauro
Yale Divinity School
The Connecticut Library Homepage
CT Library - Resource Sharing
New Haven On-Line

HTML Resources

THE Netscape Frames Tutorial(tm) - NewbieNET
Make sure you've got some time when you start on this one!
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
It may say bare bones, but this is about as useful a guide as I've seen!


These are links that go somewhere fun. Or interesting. Or not. Whatever.

Did you know these guys are legally ordained?
Doonesbury Electronic Town Hall
Mac Book Club
The Boston Herald
The Dilbert Zone
There's always gotta be a link to Dilbert, you know.
Check out the Slugman game! (Mac users only)
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Of course he's got a web page!
Bauman Rare Books
Another page by a friend, Lisa Gold.
Library of Congress
Paris Pages Musee du Louvre
Tony HJ's Home page

And this is a cool program...

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