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Computer Seraph

Workshops, Editing and DTP Services


As an extension of Computer Seraph's on-site and class instruction services, we offer workshops on several topics. Areas include: general computer use for churches, bulletins and newsletters, using the Internet, and church Web sites.

Do you have a need for a computer-related workshop on a given topic? Call (860) 342-1155 or email us; we can probably develop it for you.

Rates for Workshops are negotiable.

Editing Services

These services are frequently included with Web Site Maintenance. Computer Seraph will review your copy and correct grammatical and spelling errors, as well as editing for clarity and style. In certain circumstances the Seraph will also write copy.

Editing services are $35.00 per hour.

Desktop Publishing

Computer Seraph is not a full-featured desktop publisher, but we have taken on DTP projects for special occasions, including ordination invitations and worship orders. Originals suitable for duplication (300 dpi) are produced to client specifications; the client is responsible for their reproduction.

DTP services are negotiable, with a base rate of $35.00 per hour.

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