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Services Overview

Services Overview

Computer Seraph's services arise from the needs of churches and other religious institutions. They need dependable, usable, and flexible information systems at a reasonable cost, and they can effectively use the resource of the World Wide Web to bring their message to the world. To these needs Computer Seraph brings the tools and experience required to permit a church to carry on its work.

Consulting Services

The center of Computer Seraph's work is providing good information and support to churches with questions about computers and their use. Make sure to read How to Buy a Church Computer, which describes the basic issues to consider.

In general, churches need tools that are dependable and simple--simple to configure, and simple to use. They don't need the fastest machine around or the most full-featured page layout program, but they do need to produce smart-looking documents without waiting for their computer to catch up. The most resource-hungry application a church is likely to use is a World Wide Web browser. In general, if the computer can run Netscape or Internet Explorer, it will be adequate to the other needs of a small to medium size church.

Yet churches' needs are very different just as their locations, memberships, and programs are very different. Computer Seraph therefore does a full inquiry before recommending a solution, so that the congregation will neither overspend its resources or underequip its staff.

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Web Design Services

The archetypal New England church is set on a hilltop--and so it should be in cyberspace. As more and more people use the World Wide Web to find information with which they make decisions about their lives, the more important it will be that they find the unique resources of the religious community. Like the road sign and the newspaper ad, the Web page invites readers into a closer relationship with a living community. Computer Seraph can make that easy, powerful, and affordable.

Good Web sites begin with solid content which is delivered with clear and consistent design. Computer Seraph can provide advice about content, and deliver a layout which communicates it well. Some churches may require only a set of templates into which they place their own information. Others may desire continuing oversight and maintenance services. Whatever the need, Computer Seraph can meet it.

Scanning and image editing are also available.

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