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Web Site Design Services

Design Principles

The first principle of a Web site is: What you have to say is the most important thing. As much as graphics seem to dominate many web pages, the Web's primary medium remains text. And for churches, of course, reliance on the word is a time-honored and natural thing.

Design, then, serves to deliver the words so as to enhance their meaning and the goals of the writer. The Web's origins are in outlined manuscripts, and the basic structure of the coding language still demonstrates the relationship between concepts on a page quite well--observe the way the headings set out the major sections on this page, for example.

More importantly, design should not distract from the text. Web graphics provides abundant examples of this problem. Some of them are apparently unrelated to the surrounding page, some simply repeat the text without providing additional clarity, some take so long to download that ordinary surfers click away before they have loaded. Each image--and the placement of each block of text on a page--needs to serve the overall purpose of that page.

Computer Seraph Web designs strive toward simplicity, clarity, and short download times--and the support of the message they bear.

Design Options

Custom Sites

Computer Seraph offers individually built Web site designs to its clients: conversations with the appropriate persons at the church result in a fully constructed Web site ready for posting. The complexity of design will vary with the requirements of the site. A "signpost" site consisting of just a few pages will be relatively inexpensive. Larger sites which seek to provide more information or require frequent updates may require a more comprehensive design program. This is a part of the interview process through which Computer Seraph develops the site plan.

CGI Programming

Computer Seraph offers a number of "canned" scripts for Web Hosting clients' use; these are generally the freeware offerings of other people. We also offer customized scripts for your specific needs, whether we host your web site or not. Searches, forms, and other needs can be precisely programmed. Please note: if you are not a Seraph hosting client, you will need permission from your provider to use your own Perl scripts.

Preconfigured Designs

Computer Seraph is also developing some basic designs which can be rapidly adapted for a local church--for example, that used by this very site! Change the logo and the background color for your own use, change the buttons, and you're ready to go. Email us for more information.

Image Scanning

Computer Seraph will scan drawings and photographs for Web pages. If you need printed output you should seek a graphics and reproduction business.

Site Maintenance

Some churches have HTML-savvy staff members or parishioners, and some do not. Some may simply prefer the assurance of having a professional overseeing its site. Whatever the reason, Computer Seraph can keep your site current as long as you provide the information. Be advised that the Seraph does not provide typing services--all material must be provided in electronic format, except for images to be scanned.

Rates for Design Services

The base rate for design services is $35.00 per hour. Preconfigured sites cost $15.00 for the basic design, with customization at $35.00 per hour. Scanning is $10.00 per image; those that need extensive editing are charged at the base rate.

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