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Web Hosting Services

Computer Seraph offers comprehensive Web Site Hosting solutions geared toward small sites as well as larger, more complex sites. All site hosting comes with the full range of server resources, including counters, guestbooks, imagemaps, and much, much more. Whether your site is one megabyte or hundreds, you can be accomodated here.

Computer Seraph offers Web Hosting primarily as a convenient way to allow you to use the Seraph's Web Design and Programming services, but you are under no obligation to use those services to have your site hosted. Fees for web hosting do not include fees for design or programming.

Hosting "by the Meg"

Many web sites are very small: just a few pages and images. They don't take a lot of space, and they don't need a domain name (like "computerseraph.com"). It's easy to find a place to host such a site, if you don't need or want features like a counter or a database or a searchable site.

For $1.00 per megabyte per month, you can have your own website with a URL of "http://www.computerseraph.com/yoursite/", and all the functionality you like, including your own CGI scripts (tested by Computer Seraph). This level of services does not include direct access to your account: you provide the files to Computer Seraph via a special email address, and they are posted within forty-eight hours. There is no fee for this posting service.

If you require direct access to your account, you may purchase a shell account with FTP access and a POP-3 email box for $5.00 per month. A POP-3 mailbox alone is $5.00 per quarter.

Summary: Hosting "by the Meg"

  • URL: http://www.computerseraph.com/yoursite/
  • Counter available
  • Email form processing available
  • Guestbook and "Free for all" links page available
  • Search script available
  • CGI-bin access after review by Computer Seraph
  • Many more technical features: email us and ask!
  • Cost: $1.00 per megabyte per month
  • Page posting via email
  • POP-3 mailbox available for $5.00 per quarter
  • Direct FTP access to your account available for $5.00 per month, including POP-3 mailbox

Domain Hosting

For a larger, more professional site, consider having your own domain name (http://yourname.com). These sites come with 200 megabytes of storage space and the ability to use a secure server connection for on-line sales. These sites cost $30.00 per month, and also include full FTP access to your account, 20 POP mailboxes with unlimited aliasing, a Majordomo list server, and the capability to run a shopping cart on a secure server. There is a one time $40.00 setup fee for one of these accounts. Fees for your domain name are handled by InterNIC and are billed by them; at present the cost is $35.00 per year, with two years billed initially. Computer Seraph can register your domain name for you.

Summary: Domain Hosting

  • URL: http://www.yourname.com (or .org, or whatever is appropriate)
  • 200 megabytes of space, expandable in blocks of 10 megabytes
  • Secure server and shopping cart available
  • Full FTP access to account
  • POP-3 mailbox with unlimited aliasing
  • Majordomo list server
  • Counters
  • Site Statistics
  • Email forms processing
  • Guestbook and "Free-for-all" links page available
  • Full CGI-bin access
  • Cost: $30.00 per month with one time $40.00 setup fee
  • Registration available: Domain name registration billed by InterNIC
  • Advanced features: mSQL, PGP encryption, Miva, PHP4, etc.

General Policies

Computer Seraph cannot generate content for you. If you desire Web design and programming services, they will be billed at the usual consulting rates unless you have negotiated an alternate arrangement. Otherwise, you must provide your Web pages server-ready. Computer Seraph is not responsible for pages that fail to load due to programming errors.

The following policies affect content permitted on the Computer Seraph server:

  1. NO pornographic or obscene material of any kind.
  2. NO activities that are illegal in the United States.
  3. NO material that we find to be degrading or offensive.
  4. NO spamming or bulk, unsolicited email.
  5. Policies are enforced at our discretion.

Contact Information

Computer Seraph
Eric Anderson, Principal Consultant
13 Old Post Rd.
Northford, CT 06472-1035
(203) 484-7636

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